In Conversation With: Stephanie Rumble

    As part of our In Conversation With series we’re putting the spotlight on Stephanie Rumble, aka Bright Red. Stephanie is a Fashion Stylist (among many other things) here in Christchurch. A friend of HOH, she often visits us with clients or pops in for some personal shopping. She has many years of experience in the fashion industry and inspires us with her incredible energy and knowledge.

    Stephanie recently popped in to try on some of her favourite pieces in our current range, which you can view on our Instagram.

    Continue reading to get to know a bit more about Stephanie and her top styling tips!  

    Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

    Hmm, I am a Mum of 4 young adults…. I work as a Fashion Stylist (into my 17th year!). I also work in Tertiary education as a De-escalation trainer and deliver training in Workplace Stress and fatigue, Bullying and Harassment and Workplace Resilience. I have worked for 32 years as a group fitness instructor and teach Pump, Sprint (Spin), RPM (Spin) and Core. I also work part time in the summer managing a rowing squad…. I like to mix it up!

    How did your career start and what has the journey been like to get you where you are today?

    I started my styling journey in 2007 after winning the Best Dressed at Addington Races in 2006. I launched Bright Red Styling and worked part time while my children were babies. Once my last child went to school I worked full time as a Fashion Stylist. I have travelled all over NZ working in this role and love helping people show the world who they truly are through their appearance. The journey has been exciting, fun, terrifying and diverse.

    Describe a typical day in your life.

    I like to get up and exercise. If I can manage I will run up to 10kms or teach some fitness classes. Then home for shower and getting ready for work. I ALWAYS put on a good work look even if my clients are coming to see me at home as I believe that dressing well is a mark of respect for the people you serve. Smoothie for breakfast, then either clients in my home for colours or body shape analysis or their home for wardrobe audit and then the shops for their new wardrobes if that’s what we are doing. Most nights I'll exercise again but do yoga or something light to blow out the cobwebs… Then my hubby always makes me dinner and I’ll settle for the night in front of Netflix with chocolate.. 

    What is the best piece of business advice you've received?

    Trust your gut. And always have a backup plan.

    What is the process with helping someone with their style/what services do you offer?

    I describe my styling process like building a good house. You have to lay the foundations 1st. That means you need to understand what suits you and why so you are empowered to make choices without me that make you feel great. So we always start with Colours and I have the coolest, funky little App called ‘Your Color ID” which my clients can use when they are looking at clothes. IF the client is unsure about how to choose styles that work for their shape we also can do a ‘bodyshape analysis’ which give a comprehensive summary of what will work based on their measurements and proportions.

    Then we look at what the client has in their wardrobe and either audit some things out that no longer serve them and make a list of what they need.

    Then we hit the shops and work to their needs and budget to full the gaps…

    I firmly believe that the absolute best results are gained from understanding your colour and shape before you shop.

    What do you love most about what you do?

    Seeing my clients dress in a way that reflects who they really are… and feeling amazing or transformed.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Dramatic, eclectic, colourful and a bit out there.

    What’s your number one styling tip?

    Learn what suits you.. colour especially, and be YOU.

    What are some of your go-to designers & brands for styling and your own personal wardrobe?

    For styling I love: Max, Ruby, Juliette Hogan, Witchery, Glassons, Kate Sylvester, Lynn Woods and Head over Heels. To be honest I look at my clients needs and take them where suits them. It could be anywhere...

    For me right now I am loving Zimmerman, Aje, Ruby, Ulla Johnson, Fashion Society, World and Gorman. I am a real fan of Kate Sylvester and I love HEAD OVER HEELS of course!

    What would be the ultimate shoe capsule wardrobe?

    Loafers, dressy trainers, short boots.. Not really capsule!

    What are some of your favourite styles in our current range at Head over Heels?

    There are to many to choose from - I love heaps of them:

    Beau Coops 'Boystack' in green, Bronwyn 'Maggie' in latte, Halmanera 'Monique' in deep red, Miista 'Hedy' in brown, E8 by Miista 'Oliana' in khaki and E8 by Miista 'Lib Loafers' in khaki. 

    I always love Beau Coops for the fit and sleekness but am also loving Vic Matie and Abigayle.


    Shop: 1, 2, 3

    Shop: 1, 2, 3

    How do you incorporate accessories when styling an outfit?

    Tie them in. Wear gold or silver everything including belt buckles and buttons to look put together. Shoes make or break an outfit.. Also think about the hero of your outfit (top or pants or dress), then are you trying to enhance it or are the accessories the hero? If the earrings are chunky keep the necklace fine, if the necklace is chunky keep the earring fine. A good handbag totally finishes a look - choose sunglasses that go with the overall colouring of your wardrobe.

    Try colour as well – especially shoes. They can be amazing in cream, green, the works.

    What's your favourite way to unwind after a long day?

    Run or yoga, Netflix, chocolate and tea.

    What are you watching/reading/listening to?

    Watching Emily in Paris (season 3) - the clothes are insanely amazing.

    Reading The Tsarina. Best read recently was ‘Lessons in Chemistry’

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