• Leather Care

    Matte Leather

    It is recommended to use a waterproofing and stain protective spray on matte leathers before use, and to respray them on occasion to keep them protected. To clean the leather and keep it moisturised, apply a leather conditioner once a month or as needed. Leather creams in matching shades can be applied to your shoes to revitalise the colour.

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    Leather Soles

    Leather soles are a luxurious feature of some of our shoes. With wear, the leather will mold and shape to your feet. Once they have worn in and are feeling comfortable, it is recommended to have your local cobbler apply rubber half-soles to the leather soles. This will protect them, waterproof them, and add grip. For our Christchurch customers, we recommend taking your leather soled shoes to McGreogors Shoe Service.

    Python/Croc Leathers

    Python and croc leathers are very delicate and should be treated with care, as the surface finishings can be easily removed with wear. Changes in the texture and colour of these leathers may occur over time and are not considered a fault. To clean and keep these leathers soft, it is recommended to apply a light leather conditioner. We suggest Wren’s Delicate Gel.

    Patent Leather

    Patent leather is coated, so it is not recommended to use any protective sprays. Use a leather conditioner or patent leather dressing to clean and nourish the item as needed.

    Suede / Nubuck

    Suede and nubuck leathers are delicate and cannot be polished, so it is important to take extra care of these leathers. It is recommended to use a colourless waterproofing and stain protective spray before use, to respray them on occasion to keep them protected. A suede brush can be used to smooth over the fibers and clean the shoe. Later on, suede shampoos and coloured sprays can be used to revitalise the leather.

    Please note that as it is a natural material, any variations or texture in leather should not be considered as an imperfection, but rather a feature.

    McGregors Shoe Service 

    For our Christchurch locals we recommend McGregors for all your cobbler needs. You can even grab a cup of coffee while you're there! McGregors has been operating out of the same shop since 1880. Adam, the current owner, has been serving customers there for 30 years.

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