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    Meet Anna, the powerhouse behind Uncommon, a boutique store located in the Tannery in Christchurch. As the manager and buyer, Anna curates a unique range of NZ and International brands for their store and website. Anna has shopped with us for years and we've always been inspired by her quirky and unique approach to fashion. We recently caught up with her to have a chat and to see what she is loving from our new Abigayle collection.


    Q: What’s your background? 

    A: It's short and sweet! While studying a degree in Fashion Technology and Design I began working at Uncommon part time and when I graduated an opportunity became available for me to run the store. I feel so fortunate that the lovely owners allow me to make decisions and shape the store to my aesthetic. A fashion degree taught me strength and perseverance I didn't know I had within me and the design, production and textiles knowledge I gained helps a great deal when buying.

    Q: What are some of your favourite brands?

    A: My favourite brands at the moment are Sister Studios, they do two amazing seasons a year and everything is made in Melbourne where the girls work very closely with their factory. Others worth honorable mention would be Rolla's for denim, Brie Leon for handbags, and Mars for Jewellery. Brands I'm always lusting after on instagram are Sandy Liang, Collina Strada, Rachel Mills, Sidneigum and Lucia Zolea. 

    Q: How do you put together an outfit?

    A: Comfort is key for me! My outfit usually revolves around sneakers. I tend to have a good handle on my wardrobe and pass on items that no longer fit with my style, therefore I can pick one piece I feel like wearing and build an outfit easily.

    Q: What are your favourite Abigayle styles?

    A: I do love a western inspired shoe.. my pick would be the Antwerp Knee Boot in Bordo, it's such a good colour! The puffa sandals are also very cool.

    Q: What inspires your buying for Uncommon?

    A: Every wardrobe needs a good mix of staples and party pieces, this is what I think about when buying.

    Q: What was your first purchase from Head over Heels?

    A: I had to think really hard on this one! I think it was 2012, I bought a pair of navy blue velvet loafers when you were in the Container Mall

    Q: What do you never leave the house without?

    A: Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss

    Q: What’s your favourite way to style a Western boot?

    A: With a mini skirt and my Frisson jumper!

    Q: Where’s the first place you go when we can travel overseas again?

    A: I would like to visit a country that relies heavily on tourism first, maybe Fiji!

    Make sure to visit Anna at Uncommon if you are in Christchurch or check out their website here.
    Shop the full range of Abigayle footwear in our Christchurch store or here.

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