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    Yu Mei
    Spring 20

    Yu Mei's latest collection is here. Rich red tones meet luxurious textured leathers and Yu Mei's signature soft Deer Napa leather. Spring 20 was inspired by the Anthurium flower which is 'often gifted as a symbolic gesture of friendship and love.'

    Three new shades of red have been introduced this season - Tamarillo, Pompeian and Roan Rouge. Discover our range in our Timaru store and online.

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    Behind the Buying:

    Our buyers travel to Europe annually to meet with our brands and to handpick styles for our future ranges. In February they sat down with Trippen designers, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler.

    Our new range for Spring/Summer 2020 features a mix of new styles as well as the return of some Head over Heels favourites, brought back in new customised colours. Plum, Forest, Yellow and Rose have been selected for pops of colour across our range.

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    Chunky Sandals

    Chunky sandals are in for Spring 2020.
    We are loving the new sandals by Italian designer Laura Bellariva with chunky, sporty-inspired soles. Edgy yet sleek, they are perfect to edge up your floaty, Summer dresses.

    Limited sizes are available in our stores and online.

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    Brand focus
    - Halmanera

    Halmanera shoes are handcrafted in Le Marche, Italy, as shown. An old barn-house was converted into a factory where 13 artisans meticulously craft their shoes by hand.

    The people behind Halmanera are extremely passionate about their brand and their craftsmanship. The whole company consists of around 25 people who work closely together.

    Halmanera are unique in the sense that everything is done in-house, from design, to manufacturing, to marketing and sales. We are extremely proud to represent such a special brand that make beautiful pieces of footwear.

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