New Brand: Flamingo's Life

    We’re excited to introduce a new sustainable sneaker brand to Head over Heels - Flamingo’s Life. Available now in-store in Christchurch or online with complimentary shipping across New Zealand.

    Flamingos Life are a Spanish plant-based sneaker brand that revolves around social and environmental responsibility, founded by Carlos García Sánchez in 2015. Carlos was brought up in the family business of footwear, and always knew his own venture would revolve around social and environmental responsibility.


    Flamingo’s sneakers are handcrafted in family-run production centres in Carlos' local city of Elche, Spain. Elche is widely known for shoemaking, with over a Century worth of expertise.

    All manufacturers and suppliers are located within a radius of 40, employing hundreds of local residents. Using local artisans and suppliers ensures ethical manufacturing and complete supply transparency, while reducing their carbon footprint.


    Each pair of Flamingos sneakers contains roughly two recycled plastic bottles, giving polluting, wildlife-endangering plastic new life as a conscious fashion item. To date, the brand’s recycled over 21,000 plastic bottles.

    Flamingos’ Life collaborates with“Eden Reforestation Projects” in the reforestation of Madagascar and Mozambique. Also with theNGO “Waste Free Oceans”, to clean the oceans of plastic waste.Lastly, works with “Agua ONG” in the construction of water wells in underserved areas of Uganda. In all these years of collaboration, the brand has managed to plant more than 180,000 trees, collect more than 14,000 kilograms of plastic and supply 500 people with drinking water.


    Our first range of Flamingos sneakers feature the Classic 70s, Retro 90s and Roland V.7.


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