In Conversation With: Natalie of Seagar Design

    We have started this new series, In Conversation With, to showcase some of the many of the amazing people in our local community who constantly inspire us.

    We will be talking about all things fashion, and getting insights into peoples lives, their journeys and finding out what inspires them.

    We recently caught up with designer Natalie from Seagar Design, who recently moved from Auckland to Christchurch and opened their first store. We're inspired by their story, as just like us, Natalie is part of a mother-daughter duo. You can visit the Seagar Design Store down the road from us on 181 High Street and check them out on Instagram.

    Tell us a little bit about Seagar Design and what you do?

    N: Seagar Design is a boutique interior design studio and concept store run by myself and my mum Adrienne. We specialise in residential interiors which encompasses everything from soft furnishings to lighting, kitchen and bathroom design, bespoke furniture and textiles. Seagar Design Store is an extension of this, and a place to find unique treasures, art, and design objects curated by us from local and international makers.

    How did you get into design and what led you to open a store in Christchurch?

    N: I come from a family of creatives, so it was a very natural progression. I studied a bachelor of design at Massey in Wellington before working in various roles within the industry for a few years, all the while knowing I wanted to start my own thing when the time was right. This fell into place in 2018 when I joined mum and together we embarked on expanding her practice of 25+ years into what it is today with the store. My fiancé and I recently moved to Christchurch personally, and so we are now operating in both Auckland and Christchurch with interior design, and the store open exclusively at 181 High St, Christchurch CBD.

    Where do you find inspiration from?

    N: Other creatives! There’s nothing more inspiring than discovering and learning about other creative practices, materials, processes and subsequent bodies of work or products. I’m always inspired by other NZ makers - we have some talented people in our little country. Beyond that, I find film a great source of inspiration, be it costume or set design and how that embodies a certain character or a specific era, it always intrigues me how they achieve this through design.

    What's your favourite shoe brand at HOH and why?

    N: Trippen - I love how architectural they are and the focus on form and silhouette without the distraction of colour. That’s a concept that strongly underpins how we curate the objects at Seagar Design Store, and when I wear my Trippens, it feels like they are a continuation of this principle. A piece of sculptural art on my feet!

    Trippen Edelhofer

    What are your 3 current favourite shoes at HOH?

    N: I'm coveting the Bronwyn Kendall in shell, the perfect trans-seasonal shoe by an incredible NZ label. The Trippen Edelhofer has been on my wishlist for a while now... and it’s so hard to pick just one more! I love the Miista Dusty Khaki Snake Loafer, the Halmanera Maffeo in Bone and anything in the eye-ware department by Velvet Canyon.

    What are 3 of your favourite products from Seagar Design in your home?

    N: A divine scented candle by local maker Arc Atelier is a staple in creating an interior space the reaches beyond aesthetics - my current favourite is ‘Dusk' with Lilac Bloom, Ylang Ylang and tobacco leaf. A new Special Studio Noise Side Table has found it’s forever home at my place, made in Tauranga using 3d printed recycled plastic, and lastly I just adore Auckland based artist Michaela van der LAAN’s sacrament series works, they’re always a point of conversation.

    Shop Natalie's favourite shoes in our Christchurch store or online, and explore Seagar Design Store in-store or online.

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