Vic Matie Arrivals

posted on February 10th, 2017

The latest and greatest arrival to us at Head over Heels is our new brand, Vic Matie!

The Vic Matie range is fully made in the Le Marche region of Italy. One of the two most famous, traditional shoe making regions in the world. 

Vic Matie features black, navy and nude through this Winter '17 collection along their edgy styling which consists of pointed toes, chunky soles and flared heels.
Their leathers are soft and supple and their rubber soles are comfy and hard-wearing.

We can't stop admiring this stunning collection and we know they wont be around for long!
View and shop these shoes in our Christchurch store or online now!


posted on December 9th, 2016

We're absolutely bursting with excitement! Our Dorateymur range has made it's entrance to our Christchurch store!

This amazing brand is exclusive to us in New Zealand and we are so excited about it! Dorateymur is well known and loved for it's edgy but retro-inspired aesthetic. Inspired by geometric shapes and Rock n Roll, this brand has been talk of the town since it was founded by Turkish Designer Dora Teymur in 2012. Each season Dorateymur has grown from strength to strength, catching attention from celebrities and fashion icons such as Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung.

 Aside from designing beautiful footwear, Dora Teymur takes ballet classes twice a week and resides in Hampshire, England. 

View and shop these shoes in our Christchurch store or online now!

Deadly ponies     / /     papa dont bleach

posted on November 18th, 2016

The latest  and greatest collection for Deadly Ponies have just arrived in our Timaru store!

The 'Papa Don't Bleach range features their signature styles in rich, inky navy's and the beautiful cedar tan pictured above in the Mini Chainmail style.

We can't get enough of Deadly Ponies and their quality leathers. We recommend you get hinting on your Christmas wishlist or even better, treat yourself!


posted on November 12th, 2016

We are so excited to offer you Sun Buddies here at Head over Heels! Sun Buddies is a premium eyewear line from Sweden from the masterminds behind the Swedish-based fashion label and retail store Très Bien. Brothers Simon and Hannes Hogeman created the vintage-inspired and handmade frames in homage to classic 1960’s cinema. Their original frames take inspiration from the sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 film, Persona. The Sun Buddies collection got a head start when friends and colleagues in the fashion industry started wearing them. Collaborations with designers, photographers and artists are essential and the name ‘Sun Buddies’ is a homage to these friends and creatives!

Their collection offers a beautiful range of neutral colours. These include milky greys, soft honey and a crystal clear acetate. 

View our range in both our Christchurch and Timaru stores as well as online!

Presenting... MYKITA EYEWEAR

posted on September 22nd, 2016

The latest edition to our Head over Heels range, is MYKITA Eyewear and we couldn't be more excited about it! 

These incredible glasses are fully handmade in Berlin, Germany.  MYKITA was founded by Harald Gottschling and Philipp Haffmans in 2003 and have taken the designer eye-wear world by storm! MYKITA is well known for their signature,  innovative patented screw-less hinge made of interlocking pieces that snap on and off for simple repairs. 

MYKITA eyeglasses are known for their modern and simplistic looks and their use of high-quality materials. The brand’s use of titanium contributes to an extremely lightweight and flexible accessory, adding durability and strength also. 

Each individual pair of glasses under-go 50 transformation and production steps,  taking a total of 13 hours to complete each pair. This process also ensures that every pair of MYKITA is perfect before they are dispatched and in your hands!

MYKITA has won numerous design awards for their modern and innovative styles and design approaches. 
They continue to push design boundaries and as-well as their production processes, allowing the MYKITA brand to really stand out and become well-known internationally.

Since 2014 MYKITA has been collaborating with Maison Margiela to create well loved, Avant Garde style eye-wear. 

Shop our MYKITA range and our MYKITA x Maison Margiela range in our Christchurch store and online now!

all the way from italy… Ixos has arrived.

posted on September 4th, 2016

The weather is warming up so Ixos couldn't be here at a more perfect time!

Ixos is a family owned shoe making business which began in the 1960’s in the Marche Region of Italy. Over the years Ixos has continued to create incredible footwear, keeping their reputation up for cutting-edge fashion design.  All of the Ixos footwear is made by talented artisans who focus on pushing design boundaries. This means their construction skills are constantly challenged and forced to evolve. 

Our Summer '16  range offers a variety of modern, quirky shapes and styles in their signature black textured and printed leathers. 

Shop Ixos in our Christchurch and Timaru store or online!

Trippen arrivals!

posted on June 16th, 2016

Making it all the way from Germany, our amazing Trippen range has just arrived!

Our Summer '16  range features various, iconic Trippen sole units on several new season styles. 
Rather than simply modifying existing designs or following short-lived trends, Trippen searches for new solutions. Inspired by upcoming developments, the designs take fashion trends on board, but resist their throwaway nature. 

This season, the Head over Heels Trippen range offers their must have vegetable dyed black leather as-well as textured navy, white and grey/white combinations. 

View and shop the amazing new Trippen in-store and online!


posted on May 5th, 2016

Annnndddd…. It's here! The new season Deadly Ponies "Rust" range  has just landed in our Timaru store!

This season, Deadly Ponies has looked to heavens in the creation of their newest season, Rust. Inspired by astrology and the romanticism of ancient mythologies. Offering a fiery 'Rust' colour-way in the various, beloved, signature styles.

View our range online and shop the collection by calling (03) 688 5008 to purchase!

introducing valley optical eyewear

posted on March 4th, 2016

We are so excited to announce that our Head over Heels Christchurch and Timaru stores are now proud stockists of Valley Eyewear's optical range. 

The Valley Eyewear collection is designed by Australian Designer, Michael Crawley and the frames are all beautifully hand-made in Italy.
Each pair of Valley feature flat lenses to ensure you can have prescription lenses put into them easily.

These sturdy, quirky glasses are not only comfortable on the face but extremely unique and we can't get enough of them!
Pop in-store to snap up your favourite style or purchase with us online!

Pictured above:
Valley Eyewear 'Leeches' in gloss black (Right). 
Valley Eyewear 'Ludwig' in gloss black (Left).

exclusive beau coops for head over heels
winter '16

posted on February 22, 2016

Our always special, Beau Coops footwear has arrived! The Winter '16 collection has landed in-store with a custom range made exclusively for Head over Heels! These Beau Coops are all well made with love  and care in Italy, by highly experienced artisians.

Our Head over Heels x Beau Coops collection
 includes a pallette of crisp whites and beautiful soft pinks, greys and blues alongside the practical black colour-way. Each of our custom styles have limited sizes so view and shop our range in both of our stores and on our website.

You seriously 
won't want to miss out on these amazing shoes!

Pictured above: Beau Coops x Head over Heels 'Boystack' / 'Dolls' / 'Beau 5' in Sky Blue Montone.

have you heard of abel?

posted on December 15, 2015

Have you heard of Abel? Our newest label, Abel Organics offers amazingly scented and beautifully bottled uni-sex perfume.

Spirited New Zealander Frances Shoemack spent her career amongst the vineyards, barrels and tasting rooms of the New Zealand wine trade before moving to Amsterdam in search of a new adventure.Two years on, looking for a change and wanting to pour her energy into something she believed in, she took inspiration from her winemaking roots and decided to create an organic perfume brand for Discerning men and women.

She chose to name her perfume Abel, with a nod to the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman who discovered New Zealand in 1642.To create a perfume using only organic ingredients without compromising on hedonism, she hunted down fellow New Zealander and Milan trained ‘Nose’ Isaac Sinclair.A perfume of this calibre needed suitable attire. Being in Amsterdam, a mecca of design innovation, Frances collaborated with local Dutch designers and craftsmen. Together they created Abel’s minimalist yet real and functional packaging from recyclable glass and reclaimed oak.The result is VINTAGE ‘13, a remarkable perfume (not for every man or woman), brought to the market in a way that is stylish, sensual and sustainable. Abel - A good vice.

Royal Republiq New arrivals

posted on November 20, 2015

We love our Royal Repubiq bags! These bags are completely exclusive to us in New Zealand and this season we have brought back some of your favourites as well as the latest and greatest new styles available. 

The Royal Republiq range is designed in Copenhagen and made with love in portugal.

For a long time Royal Republiq, has been one of our favourite brands.. We know you'll love these just as much as we do. 
Snap up a new season Royal Republiq bag in-store or shop with us online!

Get Race Ready!

posted on October 27, 2015

Are you ready for the races?! Ensure you stand out at the races with a pair of shoes from Head over Heels! Whether you select a pair of comfy, classic courts from some of favourite European brands, Wonders or Zinda, or a pair of serious statement shoes from Ixos or Trippen, you'll be sure to find your perfect pair with us. Pictured above our some of our staff selections!

Left: Trippen | Centre: Zinda | Right: Beau Coops

Come in to see us in-store or view our selection and shop with us online!

Summer 15 Launch

posted on September 30, 2015

In our Christchurch and Timaru stores we just held our Summer Launch, with drinks and nibbles for our awesome customers. We celebrated our much anticipated, Beau Coops 'Fearless' collection with several customisations exclusive to our Head over Heels stores! As part of the celebrations, every purchase made on this day went into the draw to win a pair of Beau Coops of your choice. Congratulations to the lucky winners; Courtney Todd and Sheree Fowler! During this event we also introduced our exciting new labels; L'F shoes, Slack London and Valley Eyewear! Come and visit us to view the awesome ranges available!

L'F Shoes

posted on September 30, 2015

The acronym L’F represents designer duo Licia Florio (L) and Francio Ferrari (F), partners in both their personal and professional lives. The L’F SHOES collections are handmade in Piedmont, Italy and incorporate an optimistic spirit and reveal irony and a positive approach to life. Their stylistic hallmarks are a passion for colour and contrasting materials, details that have evolved as the brand has progressed and been reinterpreted in unusual ways. Every pair of shoes is seen as a piece of design and is made to last, with a focus on attention to detail and Italian production quality. The brand’s iconic shoe is a brogue, redesigned to be used comfortably every day; without laces or a tongue, they are worn like moccasins. Exclusive to us at Head over Heels in New Zealand, you can view them in our Christchurch store or on our website!

Arche Shoes

posted on May 19, 2015

Pierre Robert Helaine established Arche in Paris in 1968. The Arche footwear is still designed and manufactured in France today by a small team of craft artisans in the Chateau region of France.

These shoes are made entirely from high quality genuine leather. Their luxurious pure 'lactate hevea' soles are light, comfy and extremely flexible. Handcrafted to perfection to ensure the best possible product.

With sleek lines and rich and inviting colours they are truly unique.

There is always a myriad of colours to go with what is current in fashion, enabling the customer to have fun with fashion and always look her best. Arche's philosophy is rooted in with the belief that black and brown don't go with everything.

Introducing 'Coclico' to Head Over Heels

posted on March 15, 2015

Coclico's shoes are produced in a small, historic factory in Mallorca, Spain, where French Coclico designer, Sandra is on a first-name basis with the craftspeople who make each pair by hand. Coclico are the only shoes made in this family owned and operated factory. The facility is noted for providing living wages, environmental reliability and setting the bar for best practices. The artisans take pride in the production of their shoes, and their skill ensures the consistent quality of Coclico's range. Each pair is constructed using recycled and renewable components such as cork and natural woods. Inconspicuous consumption is a phrase Coclico like to use a lot. Slow production is not just one of Coclico’s fundamental values, but a guiding principle that affects how the company approaches their work and their lives each day. Slow our consumption, slow our impact on the environment, and invest in the things we wear with thoughtfulness and care. Because we expect everything we wear to endure, we produce shoes that will look good, season after season.