Our Head over Heels web store is run from our Christchurch shop and it’s stock holding. This means that we dispatch all of our web orders from Christchurch.  


Due to the fact Head over Heels is a walk in retail store, though very unlikely, there is a possibility you may be buying a product around the same time as someone else who is buying the exact product over our counter. If this ever happens and it turns out the product is the last of it’s kind, we will give preference to the counter sale. Simply because they would have walked out of the door by the time we were notified and were unable to action your web sale. If in the off chance this does happen we would make contact with you immediately by email or by telephone and make arrangements to process an immediate refund.  If your size doesn't appear to be available for purchase online, please send us an enquiry though our contact us box and we can try to locate your desired item from our Timaru store or directly from our suppliers!

We frequently stock take and aim to have our stock as accurate as possible but there is a possibility the size you have ordered may recently have become out of stock. In this event we would do our best to either source the item for you or refund you immediately.


Our web store is run Monday - Friday, 10AM - 4PM. 
Dispatching orders within this period also.  

For further help and enquiries, contact  us on (03) 366 6681 or email info@headoverheels.co.nz

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