Beau Coops Designed in New Zealand
Made in Italy

Beau; denoting a stylish man, and Coops; referring to the designer, Carrie Cooper. This is a brand reflecting the coming together of ideas and styles. The Beau Coops agenda is simple: to offer beautifully designed, classic footwear and accessories, that represent a lifestyle of comfort, quality and style. Designer Carrie began her career with a Portuguese shoe manufacturer in the U.K. She spent the next eight years working for the most talented labels around including Alexander McQueen, Eley Kishimoto. Bernard Willhelm Made in Italy and inspired by her former East London home, the unisex label embodies what the designer refers to as boyfriend chic – reminiscent of that special piece borrowed from a loved one.

Senso Designed in Australia
Made Offshore

Senso is a family-run business is small and hard working. It's continuous search for inspiration is reflected in their designs, resulting in constant change from season to season. With their now two collections; one aimed at the older, more fashion conservative market which has dominated the Australian footwear scene since the early 80’s, and the latter aimed at the younger, more fashion-forward customer. The brand grew with the owners three daughters Alicia, Imogen and Skye, injecting a fresh, youthful confidence and attracting an entire new audience.

The Senso style is inspired by the classic yet obsure, whilst still firmly staying true to the brands roots of effortless fashion ease. With its firm focus on high quality leathers and strong silhouettes. Styles range from the very flat to the ridiculously high but always contrasting a relaxed aeasthetic with a subtle sense of luxury. Comprised of wearable wardrobe staples and eye-catching shapes and treatments, the Sydney based and family operated company, continues to offer their own take on classic footwear, while continually punching it up with new takes on collection favorites, updated essentials and a continued commitment to amazing quality, comfort and style.

Billi Bi Designed in Denmark
Made in Spain

Since the establishment of Fransi A/S in 1936 the company has distinguished itself in the production of high quality fashion shoes and boots for women with an amphasis both on perfect fit and elegant Scandinavian design. The production of shoes and boots take place at selected factories in Spain and Italy using only the finest raw materials, whereas all design, marketing and administrative functions are based at the head offices in Copenhagen. The Billi Bi brand was launched in 1993. The exclusive range is characterised by its simple, sleek and sophisticated design and it is currently one of the most recognised brands of woman´s fashion shoes and boots in Scandinavia.

Chaos and Harmony Designed in New Zealand
Made Offshore

Ever ambitious, Designer and Managing Director, Rebecca Anderson grew up wanting to own her own business. With a passion for shoes and design, Beks studied at the covetable Instituo Europeo di Design in Roma, Italy, and after graduating, formed the continually evolving and expanding Chaos & Harmony.A signature style of sharp, structural designs merged with wearability and femininity is seen throughout Chaos & Harmony collections. Beks’ commitment to shoe design is apparent, seen in the attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship of all Chaos & Harmony product ranges. She believes shoes are like works of art and this combined with her ever-changing, unique, personal style and inspiration is the basis for each Chaos & Harmony collection.

Since its inception in 2008, New Zealand based footwear company, Chaos & Harmony, has firmly established itself as a lively, spontaneous and directional designer brand.

Synonymous with individual style and independent beauty, the labels’ dedication to its customers sees each collection filled with a pleasing combination of contradicting elements, contrasting textures & colours, and strong, structural styles. The fashion-forward styles are a testament to designer and founder, Rebecca Anderson, who credits travel, culture and conversations as inspiration for her designs. As wearable as they are beautiful, Chaos & Harmony designs are made from only the highest quality leathers with a focus on true craftsmanship.

Collaborations with Blak, Jimmy D and Salasai for New Zealand Fashion Week have cemented Chaos & Harmony as a multi-layered brand that is both adaptable and progressive.

Wonders Designed in Spain
Made in Spain

Wonders manufacture quality leather shoes which aim for not only high quality and comfortable shoes but also extremely fashionable. The leathers used are always hand picked and feature some of the softest, most beautiful Spanish leathers one can find. We continue to work with Wonders to bring you special and exclusive colour combinations we know you will love!

Royal Republiq Designed in Coppenhagen
Made in Portugal

Rooted in Denmark and based in Amsterdam and Copenhageb, Royal RepubliQ was founded in 2006. Royal RepubliQ create high quality products, in fine materials and sophisticated craftsmanship designed to facilitate today's nomadic way of life. The timeless balance between form and function applied to their footwear, bags and gloves. They blend high quality leathers that age with grace, combined with streamlined shapes and great attention to detail.

Mykita x Maison Margiela Designed in Germany
Made in Germany

MYKITA eyewear are fully handmade in Berlin, Germany.  MYKITA was founded by Harald Gottschling and Philipp Haffmans in 2003 and have taken the designer eye-wear world by storm! MYKITA is well known for their signature,  innovative patented screw-less hinge made of interlocking pieces that snap on and off for simple repairs. MYKITA eyeglasses are known for their modern and simplistic looks and their use of high-quality materials. The brand’s use of titanium contributes to an extremely lightweight and flexible accessory, adding durability and strength also. Each individual pair of glasses under-go 50 transformation and production steps, taking a total of 13 hours to complete each pair. This process also ensures that every pair of MYKITA is perfect before they are dispatched and in your hands!MYKITA has won numerous design awards for their modern and innovative styles and design approaches. They continue to push design boundaries and as-well as their production processes, allowing the MYKITA brand to really stand out and become well-known internationally. Since 2014 MYKITA has been collaborating with Maison Margiela to create well loved, Avant Garde style eye-wear. 

Halmanera Designed in Italy
Made in Italy

Halmanera means style and elegance but also incredible quality. All of the Halmanera footwear is handmade in the Le Marche region of Italy which is famous for it's long shoe making history, traditions and quality. Due to the handmade nature of their ranges and their strict quality of raw materials, they ensure total comfort in their shoes. Founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Petrelli who decided to start up his own footwear business after working and operating many high end shoe factories. The location of the Halmanera factories perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand. Sitting on beautiful rolling hills, overlooking the Adriatic sea, the ancient country house is surrounded by cultivated yards and animals. 

Sempre Di Designed in Italy
Made in Europe

Sempre Di is a well loved brand here at Head over Heels which has been with us season to season. Designed in Italy and made in both Italy and Turkey, they continue to make comfortable, versatile, classic footwear for the modern woman. Head over Heels often works with the Sempre Di team to customise colours and offer exclusive styles to our customers. Keep an eye out on our stunning Sempre Di ranges. 

Dorateymur Designed in England
Made in Portugal

This amazing brand is exclusive to us in New Zealand and we are so excited about it! Dorateymur is well known and loved for it's edgy but retro-inspired aesthetic. Inspired by geometric shapes and Rock n Roll, this brand has been talk of the town since it was founded by Turkish Designer Dora Teymur in 2012. Each season Dorateymur has grown from strength to strength, catching attention from celebrities and fashion icons such as Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung.  Aside from designing beautiful footwear, Dora Teymur takes ballet classes twice a week and resides in Hampshire, England. 

IXOS Designed in Italy
Made in Italy

Founded at the end of the 50s by the Malloni family, the company underwent several evolutions through the years. After having successfully overcome the first generational point, thanks to the launch of Ixos, the expansion phase started first in Italy and then abroad.

In 2000, because of this development and thanks to the smarts of Fabio Malloni and Floriana Orsetto, respectively managing director and creative director of the group, the company entered the luxury clothing segment with Malloni. It was back then that the Malloni Group Spa started, a company that nowadays shows, in addition to enormous human and professional resources, a detailed distribution and an ever-growing retail division.

The first original project born with the Malloni household, Ixos started its evolution at the beginning of the 60s. The brand changed decade after decade, thus keeping a strong bond with its time, from which it gets inspiration and understands the most meaningful signals, transforming them into symbols destined to overcome trends. At the end of the 80s the brand started a strong creative metamorphosis through experimentation, making all the IXOS shoes, objects with original and innovative designs, in which craftsmanship and research co-existed.

Trippen Made in Italy & Germany

‘Trippen’ shoes are the creation of German designers Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler, who found some old wooden soles in a lasts factory in 1991 and thought they could make something with them. After a month of designing and perfecting they came up with the first collection of 60 shoes, which was presented in an art gallery in Berlin 1992. The shoes were so exquisite and unique that there was an immediate demand, not just shoe shops but clothing designers ordered them for there catwalks shows.

Speieth and Oehler have always maintained ‘Trippen’ would never compromise on quality and their unique designs meant that they had to source a factory that used traditional shoe making methods to complement their factory north of Berlin. They found one in a village Northern Italy that fitted their requirements. Since ‘92, the company has grown and ‘Trippen’ now employs the entire village and other small family businesses in Northern Italy using the same method to make their shoes.

Because ‘Trippen’ shoes are double sewn instead of being glued and have features like removeable cork insoles, they only use small businesses where all production can be closely monitored and ensure the highest level of something.

Trippen values are to remain environmentally friendly, have a modern design that is always evolving yet distinctly 'Trippen' and to be socially responsible.

Deadly Ponies Designed in New Zealand
Made in New Zealand

Deadly Ponies is the creation of celebrated designer Liam Bowden. Designed and made in New Zealand, Deadly Ponies always offer an exciting collection of leather handbags and wallets as well as various other accessories, all of which feature high quality materials and top workmanship. Every piece reminds us of the beauty of leather with every piece being slightly different from the next, varying in its own characteristics. Deadly Ponies primarily works with deer nappa which is extremely soft yet durable.


Founded on experience, collaboration and friendship, Finery fuses uncompromising quality with a unique craftsmanship to consistently define the balance between urban style and polished sophistication. Having spent over 10 years working in the footwear industry, Melissa Butera, the founder and creative director behind the brand, saw an opening in the accessories market. Based on a philosophy of balance, Finery creations bridge the gap between high street commercial brands that sacrifice quality for value and brands whose quality is unobtainable. Melissa's unique interpretation of balance between niche and commercial design aesthetic is a manifestation of her surroundings and personal style. Inspired by world travels, arts culture and people, each Finery creations is designed for an independent, creative and confident woman with true appreciation for quality and individual style. She is effortlessly chic. Dedicated to its customers, Finery continues to deliver well - crafted designs while remaining authentic and true to its philosophy - a balance between eclectic mix of old and new, raw and refined classics.

Arche Designed in France
Made in France

For 40 years, Arche has been assembling its designer footwear by a team of crafts artisans in the Chateau Region of France, near Paris. Every pair of Arche shoes are hand crafted to perfection with the goal of providing the absolutely best product possible. Arche footwear always features a 100% natural latex cushioning for maximum durability, flexibility and unrelenting shock absorption. Whilst alays being fashion forward, Arche also always provide instant comfort that creates a bounce in each step.

Valley Eyewear Designed in Australia
Made Off Shore

Valley collaborate with Italian optical specialists to ensure their product is of the highest quality. Valley Eyewear was founded by a small group of individuals in 2012 and since then have continued to create exceptional hand crafted frames with technical expertise to withstand the test of time. Both classic and up to the minute concepts and styles come to life through the creative mind of designer Michael Crawley, and a collaboration with Italian optical specialist ‘Carl Zeiss’ ensure the highest quality lenses on all Valley products.

L'F Shoes Designed in Italy
Made in Italy

The acronym L’F represents designer duo Licia Florio (L) and Francio Ferrari (F), partners in both their personal and professional lives. The L’F SHOES collections are handmade in Piedmont, Italy and incorporate an optimistic spirit and reveal irony and a positive approach to life. Their stylistic hallmarks are a passion for colour and contrasting materials, details that have evolved as the brand has progressed and been reinterpreted in unusual ways. Every pair of shoes is seen as a piece of design and is made to last, with a focus on attention to detail and Italian production quality. The brand’s iconic shoe is a brogue, redesigned to be used comfortably every day; without laces or a tongue, they are worn like moccasins. Exclusive to us at Head over Heels in New Zealand, you can view them in our Christchurch store or on our website!

Sun BuddiesDesigned in Sweden
Made Off Shore

Sun Buddies is a premium Swedish eye-wear label. Their original frames take inspiration from sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in the 1966 film, Persona. The brand got a head start when friends and colleagues in the fashion industry started to wear their eye-wear. Collaborations with photographers, designers and artists built Sun Buddies and the name 'Sun Buddies' is a homage to these friends and creatives. 

La TribeDesigned in New Zealand
Made Off Shore

Designed in New Zealand, this new indie brand brings a fresh bohemian look to an every-day wardrobe. La Tribe re-design classic shapes with a twist whilst featuring tactile leathers, carefully picked out statement hardware and comfort in mind. Ultimately, La Tribe balance perfectly style and substance, fun and function. Keep an eye out for their beautiful, seasonal footwear. 

Jill SanderDesigned in Italy
Made Off Shore

Mastering the balance between casual and luxury, Jil Sander footwear continue to offer timeless, classic footwear, essential for every woman's wardrobe. Jil Sander Navy is the younger sister label to Jil Sander. The Navy range favours deconstructed silhouettes and a very feminine appeal.